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DALTON GEAR BROCHURE Dalton Gear Company is a custom manufacturer of overload safety devices. Our products include torque limiters, couplings, sprockets, gears, overload switches, secondary arms, angular bases, base pads, worm gear reducers, drive tensioners, pulleys, gearboxes and speed reducers. Capabilities include machining, honing, tapping, drilling, sawing, assembly and ID, blanchard and OD grinding.

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Overload Safety
Devices "OSD"
Worm Gear Reducers Drive Tensioners & Idler Sprockets Custom Products
overload saftey gear worm gear ideler sprocket custom machining
The Dalton Overload safety device "OSD" is a torque-limiter unit which prevents costly breakdowns when equipment is overloaded.The "OSD" can be used with a sprocket, gear, belt-pully, or flange. Dalton manufactures worm gear reducers and reduction drive systems. We off both shaft and ground drives.
We can also customized your worm gear needs to your specifications.
Dalton manufactures and assembles a variety of drive tensioner systems and Idler Sprockets. Contact Dalton today
and find the right product for your specific needs.
Dalton Gear's shop is an ultra-modern CNC machine center. Our high-precision equipment is capable of intricate cutting, turning, milling and finishing true to ten-thousandths of an inch!
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